Color has the ability to transform the appearance of a room. When used creatively, and correctly, you can use the power of color to highlight the room’s features, and disguise any weak spots.


How to paint low Ceiling room:


low ceiling room paint light color ceiling














Use Light colors– white paint on a ceiling is widely used to add height to a room. This illusion works well with any light  color. Contrast the light ceiling with a dark, advancing wall color.

low ceiling room same color for ceiling and wall












Extend the wall color– create the illusion of height by continuing the wall color onto the cornice and skirting. Complement the effect with a light-color paint the ceiling.


Paint Improportionate  rooms:


improportionate room paint contrast window frame





















Highlight any feature-Create an eye-diversion by highlighting any one feature in the room. Pick out any details, like skirting or window frames, and gave them a contrasting color.

unproportionate room paint one wall different color















Paint one wall-Make the room interesting by throwing the room’s proportions out od balance. Paint one wall in a different color. The more contrasting, the better.

Paint for an Awkward room:

fix awkward room by paint one color












Choose one color scheme-With sloping ceiling, it is often difficult to decide when the wall ends and the ceiling starts. Solve this problem by treating the whole room with one color.

fix awkward room by paint linking walls together

















Alter the shape of the room-Emphasize the walls strong, advancing color to alter the room’s proportions. For example, make an L-shaped room feel squarer by linking opposite walls together.

Extand your small room:


extend small room with light color












Choose light tones-White is not the only color to give the illusion of light and space. Cool, light tones have the similar effect.

extend small room with light color tone on window












Paint the wall facing the window-choose a light-color tone. This allows light that comes in from the window to reflect more effectively, creating a bright and airy room.


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