Ceiling(Exclude material)
Ceiling T-Bar (m2)260 baht
Flat Ceiling with plaster (m2)280 baht
BSP Wood (m2)120 baht
BSP Steel (m2)150 baht
Bath Room (Exclude material)
Title Floor/Wall (m2)650 baht
The BasinCall
Gate bathroom installationCall
Power plug/Switch (piece)650 baht
The Rail/Wall (work)300 baht
Tempered glass (m2)Call
Kitchen Room(Exclude Material)
Concrete, tile and counter top, doors Call
Title Wall (m2)650 Baht
Clear Terms (m2)250 Baht
Intall Sink-water tapsCall
The bile ducts (water) / water pipe (m)450 Baht
The Rail / Wall (work)300 Baht
Additional Work(Exclude material)
Waterproofing wall (m2)350 Baht
Waterproofing roof (m2)750 Baht
8-inch cast concrete12,000 Baht
Painting wall, ceiling (m2)350 Baht (include paint)
Brick walls with plaster blocks (m2)3,500 Baht
2.2m high wall, forming a smooth surface (m)2,500 Baht
Kitchen counter, Bathroom counter Call
Thick surface 5cm (m2)1,800 Baht
Floor title - mosaic (m2)750 Baht
PVC skirting (m)80 Baht
tile skirting (m)200 Baht
Electricity Work(Exclude material)
Power plug/ Switch (piece)650 baht
Install the circuit breaker / Load center / Safe T-cut Call
System Earth ground Call
Flooring (Exclude material)
Ceramic Title (m2)650 baht
PVC Title (m2)280 baht


Note: The price above may change according to your house, office situation. Those prices are not include 7% VAT.

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